Building high-growth ventures with the world’s most influential corporates

We believe the course to disruption must be lean, portfolio-driven and delivered by experienced entrepreneurs.

Innoleaps Venture Building bridges the space between the world of  startups and established companies by facilitating a process to  jointly and rapidly build new digital products, services and ventures.


To realise the massive  entrepreneurial potential at the crossover between the  corporate & startup worlds.


The greatest value can be unlocked by combining the scale strengths and deep domain knowledge of  corporates with the entrepreneurial execution of startups.


We bring our  entrepreneurial experience and global network, to co-invest with ambitious  corporates.

We only succeed when our partners see tangible, commercial results.

Through Venture Building

We invent and build  startups with the world’s  most influential companies. We facilitate a process to jointly and rapidly build new digital  ventures.

With Innoleaps we partner with Fortune 1.000 companies to deliver positive impact through entrepreneurship.

  • We work at executive level to define the Investment Thesis.
  • We connect corporates with startups and run Proof Concepts to establish commercial engagements (outsourced applied R&D)
  • We explore and validate new business concepts and develop them with our corporate clients

Four key ingredients allow us to rapidly build and scale new  digital products, services and ventures


Corporates bring their  infrastructure, domain expertise, brand &  resources to give our co- founded startups the best  of big alongside the best of small


Experimentation over  elaborate planning, customer feedback over  pure intuition, & iterative design over traditional  “big design up front” development


A dedicated team of  proven entrepreneurs with industry experience;  Venture Development is its own profession & requires a unique skillset  & passion


Co-investing in the idea  ensures full alignment on outcomes: the real value  for both parties comes in the shared upside from a successful outcome